NSG Project Stories and Photos


It’s amazing how often small-scale actions can have far-reaching and lasting impacts. Those simple yet powerful ideas may also spark the motivation of others to collaborate and give back to their community too.

Small projects might blossom from simple one-time events into ‘legacy’ initiatives that start a neighbourhood “tradition” that can be grown and scaled up for years to come.   Many times, all it takes is a small amount of money to get projects started that’ll make neighbourhoods better places to live and facilitate neighbours enjoying one another’s company – we ALL have gifts to share.
Take a look at the stories and photos from past Project Leaders on Bowen Island, to spark YOUR imagination for your own idea today!

2023/2024 NSG Stories

Josephine Lake Butterflyway – Cindyl Arnold
Support the Bees – Emiko Ando


Chess Mates – Turo Callewaert

Community Garden Party – J. Elaine Cameron

Belterra Pollinator Garden – Michelle Johnson

Bluewater Basketball – Burle Konopa

Bowen Island Mental Health Activities Group – Alison Nixon


Magic happens when neighbours connect—even if we must be physically apart. It forms friendships, creates a ripple-effect of skill-sharing and knowledge, and builds a stronger, more vibrant community.

We believe the best people to effect change in a community are the ones within it.  And when we can make money less of an issue in doing so, it allows so many more creative ideas to shine.

Though the grants are small, the results are powerful. When you become a Project Leader, you join a growing network of locals – just like you – who have taken steps to better their neighbourhoods.  We hope reading the stories from other Bowen Islanders will inspire you to bring YOUR idea to life today!

Captains Way Colour – Anne Boa

Neighbourhood Basketball Hoop – Francoise Janssens

Tunstall Bay Street Library – Harmony Shire Davison

TEDx Bowen Island – Sophie Walters

The Bruces’ Garden – Linda Elliott

Low Hanging Fruit – Meribeth Deen, Jennifer Zdril, Elaine Cameron, Lusungu Kayani & David Adams

Captains Way Colour: Part 2 – Kiersten Enemark

The Menorah Project of Shirat HaYam – Aryana Rayne

NERP Kiosk Emergency Hubs – Edward Wachtman, Doug Nash, Kathryn Thomson & Cynthia van Hoof Barthel


In the midst of a global health crisis, the Bowen community got creative on ways to connect and share while following necessary public health protocols.  We hope you’ll get inspired for YOUR next idea by reading about how your island neighbours helped this year to build community strength and resilience, foster creativity and wellbeing, and tackle social isolation.

The Great Bowen Bunny Search –  Sheana Stevenson

Online Guitar Tips –  John Stiver

Weekly Online Art Sessions –  Cyrille Saura-Zellweger

Bowen Island COVID19 Resource Website  –  Elliot Rushton

The ARK on Bowen Island –  Shahar Rabi

Plant It Forward  –  Jillian Rushton

Discover Your Health –  Denise Richard

Washable Cloth Face Masks –  Julie Vik

Scarborough Food Resilience –  Meribeth Deen

Lavender Love –  Tom Matzen & Lynn Ellis-Williams

Outdoor Exploration with Emily –  Emily van Lidthe de Jeude

Interactive Writing Workshop –  Carol Cram

King Edward Bay Invasive Plant Removal –  Heather Prittie

Unveiling of the Sign of Bowen Island’s Squamish Name  –  Pauline Le Bel

Island Hunt scavenger hunt  –  Brendan Robertson

At Home Mobility for Seniors –  Natasha Currah