Our Ambassadors

We are proud to introduce the Community Foundation’s Ambassadors, a mix of outstanding community citizens. The role of the Ambassador is to help build awareness and understanding of the work of the Foundation, and to encourage other members of the community to consider getting involved and supporting the Foundation. If you see an Ambassador, please thank them on behalf of the community!

Corporal Paulo Arreaga

Corporal Paulo Arreaga is originally from Costa Rica and immigrated to Canada in 1985. His family of 10 was fortunate enough to settle into beautiful North Vancouver when they came to Canada. A proud member of the RCMP for 15 years, Paulo thinks living and working on Bowen Island is another dream come true that he is lucky to share with his wife Lucia, daughter Maya, and their baby.


 Brian Biddlecombe

Brian has been coming to his family cottage on Bowen since early 50’s and moved here full time in 1977, with his wife Leanne. His children and grandkids were raised on Island, and still live here. Brian has been a member of Bowen Fire & Rescue since 1978, was Fire Chief from 2003 to 2014, and has been owner of Cormorant Marine for 37 years.

Katherine Gish

Katherine has lived on Bowen Island since 1995 and loves this amazing place we all call home! She has sat on the board of the CSA for 10 years, the PAC for 4 years and the board of the TBCA for 3 years, as well as helping out at various other community events. Community engagement is very important to her and she sees the work of the BICF as vital to the well being of all Bowen Islanders and looks forward to helping in any way possible.

Mary Letson

Mary is passionate about her community, and loves a grass-roots approach to fundraising efforts. As a small, established business owner, she has adored focusing her energy and resources over the years to pull all these threads together to create events such as Tri for CHAC, the Reindeer Run and Aaron’s Run. Mary says that supporting our island in a “sweaty, loving way” is the Positively Fit philosophy!


 Shelagh MacKinnon

Shelagh has worked on Bowen Island since 1998, at The Little Red Church. She also serves as the Spiritual Director at The Orchard Recovery Centre, The Padre at The Royal Canadian Legion, and President of The Rotary Club of Bowen Island. Shelagh loves this island and its people and is glad to serve, with others, on the Helping Hands Fund, which is a conduit for community caring for people experiencing financial difficulties associated with ill-health or other financial circumstances or crises.

Louise Mclntosh

Louise moved to Bowen Island 29 years ago with her husband Dave. Although armed with a background in banking, she chose to raise their two children on Bowen. Loving the challenges of a small community, Louise was honoured to be a founding member of Bowen Island Family Place and board member of The Bowen Island Preschool. Dave and Louise founded Bowen Waste Services in ’94 and also manage the Bowen Island Recycling Depot. Their company is proud to administer the very popular fundraising opportunity at the Bowen Island Recycling Depot where over a dozen local charities share in an annual income of over $35,000. Louise says, “Bowen Island is a special place that I will be forever grateful to be a part of as it is of me.”

Kevin Manning

Kevin grew up on the North Shore and completed his post secondary studies at SFU and Concordia. For the better part of a decade he travelled the world with his wife before settling down to raise a family together on Bowen in 2005. He is the branch manager of First Credit Union’s Bowen Island branch.

Noah Pryce-Jones

Noah is a born and bred Bowen Islander. He is an integral part of a large and colourful Island Family that has deep roots in this community. Having spent his whole life here, he is extremely committed to his home and has sought to make this community a better place for himself, his wife Rachel and their small son Dillon and all of the young families on the Island. Noah continues to grow his family Landscape Company, Home Farm Gardens Ltd., with his Mother, Rosie Montgomery and his Sister, Corrina Headley, in order to provide employment for himself and others here on Bowen Island and to be part of a worldwide network of farmers who are striving to be self sustaining and to provide locally grown food from the family farm for their communities

Donna Scorer

Donna Scorer’s passion for the development of young children has been expressed through her years of classroom teaching, curriculum writing, and initiating of performing arts opportunities for families. Her concern for family life is now especially evident in her accompanying of refugees newly arrived in Canada. On Bowen Island she is board chair at Knick Knack Nook, the island’s thriving thrift store, and is a member of the committee that allocates municipal funds to local organizations. Her grand-mothering keeps her moving between Bowen Island (Emmett and Tobin) and Edmonton (Cole, Charlotte, and Clark)!

Erwen Smith

Erwen spent most of his life in the Automobile business. In the 50’s he sold British cars, including Hillmans, Humbers, and Sunbeams. In the 60’s: American Nash Ramblers, & Jeeps. Toyota arrived late in 1964 and in 1970 he became a Toyota dealer, at the Downtown Toyota Centre on Burrard. Erwen and his wife Patty are long time Bowen residents and dedicated supporters of the Foundation. Erwen may be found riding his scooter the length of Bowen to find a tennis game.


Ted Spear

Ted has taught for over 20 years in public and independent schools in Manitoba and British Columbia. In addition to being the founding Head of Island Pacific School, he has served as the Middle School Principal at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver and was the founding Principal of Dwight International School on Vancouver Island. He likes to play Ultimate when the students let him.