Grant Recipients 2020

The Bowen Island Community Foundation awarded $36,650 in grants to support important community initiatives. These grants are made possible by generous community donations. The funded projects are all responsive to the community’s needs identified in the 2017 Vital Conversations report and were awarded from the Foundation’s Community Impact Grants.

OrganizationProjectGrant Amount
Bowen Island Health Centre FoundationDevelop operations & governance model$15,000
Island Pacific SchoolCommunity-seating & play areas, installation of fitness circuit equipment $2,500
Bowen Island Archery ClubArchery equipment & coaching$2,500
Bowen Island Respite Care SocietyTransportation to/from the new Adult Daycare Program$5,500
Caring Circle & Wellness SocietyUpdate Caring Circle website$2,500
Bowen Island Trail SocietyMt. Gardner Navigation Project$5,000
Bowen Children's Centre SocietyBuild a children's garden$3,650

Organization: Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation
Project: Operating & Governance Model
Grant Amount: $15,000
Vital Conversations Priority: Healthcare

Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation (BIHCF) will receive $15,000 for the development of an operations and governance model for organizing and managing the physical, human, and technology resources of a new Bowen Island Community Health Centre. The BIHCF will own and operate the Community Health Centre, which will offer health and well-being services and programs to residents and visitors, including primary care, extended health services, community clinics and education opportunities to meet community health needs and address health service delivery gaps. This project will help facilitate the transition of the BIHCF from the fund raising and construction phases to the operations and governance phases. The results of this project will guide the operational plans and organizational structure of the health centre, and will also be used to support donor presentations, physician recruitment, health service provider recruitment, staff hiring, identification of future Board member requirements, and future policies and procedures.

Organization: Island Pacific School Society
Project: Community seating & play areas
Grant Amount: $2,500
Vital Conversations Priority: Create Gathering Places for All

Island Pacific School Society (IPSS) will receive $2,500 for the creation and enhancement of a community seating area, play area and installation of fitness circuit equipment for community use. This initial phase of a long-term vision will address the play area between IPS and Cates Hill Chapel and a fitness circuit on the common strata property. It will be designed for young children up to teenagers with other equipment geared towards older teens and adults. Equipment will be selected to complement each piece and encourage multi-age interactions. The IPSS vision, in collaboration with their strata partners and neighbours, is to eventually build a field house which could house a variety of athletic facilities, including basketball and volleyball courts, exercise equipment, a bouldering wall, tetherballs and remote mobile fitness stations.

Organization: Bowen Archery Club
Project: Archery equipment & coaching
Grant Amount: $2,500
Vital Conversations Priority: Gathering Places, Youth, Intergenerational

Bowen Island Archery Club in partnership with Island Pacific School will receive $2,500 to help make the sport of archery a rich, rewarding, and accessible activity on Bowen Island. These funds will go towards equipping the club with essential equipment and expertise for the practice of archery: bows for youth and adults, field equipment, and skills acquisition.  The long-term vision for the Club is the construction of a permanent archery course as a place for archery programming, as well as a place for the people who practice these activities to gather with their families.

Organization: Bowen Island Respite Care Society
Project: Transportation to/from the new Adult Daycare Program
Grant Amount: $5,500
Vital Conversations Priority: Healthcare

Bowen Island Respite Care Society in partnership with the Snug Cove House Society will receive $5,500 to provide transportation to/from the new Adult Care Program.  The Respite Society has received funding from Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) to run a one-year pilot project for an Adult Day Program on Bowen. If the pilot is successful, VCH will consider on-going funding. The purpose of the program is to provide respite to those providing care to someone living with a debilitating disease. Secondly, the program will provide stimulating programming for those receiving care, meaningful social connections, and a shared meal. The Community Impact Grant will go towards eliminating the potential transportation barrier for participation, freeing the caregiver of this responsibility, and increasing the value of their day of respite.

Organization: Caring Circle Health and Wellness Society
Project: Update Caring Circle website
Grant Amount: $2,500
Vital Conversations Priority: Healthcare

Caring Circle Health and Wellness Society in partnership with Snug Cove House Society will receive $2,500 for a much-needed update of their website.  The Caring Circle website provides invaluable health information and navigation resources for Bowen Islanders. Caring Circle’s work and associated website is particularly vital to the needs of seniors, as the lion’s share of requests for health navigation support come from the senior population.

Organization: Bowen Island Trail Society
Project: Mt. Gardner Navigation Project
Grant Amount: $5,000
Vital Conversations Priority: Environmental Stewardship

Bowen Island Trail Society in partnership with Island Pacific School will receive $5,000 for their Mt. Gardner Project. Over the past few years, the dedicated volunteers of the Trail Society have been working diligently to improve the safety and route finding of Mt. Gardner trails. So far, all trails have been reblazed with new orange reflective blazes and approximately a third of the new cedar sign posts have been installed. The remaining sign posts will be installed this year. The Community Impact Grant funds will go towards new blazes, signs at all intersections, and maps at trailheads.

Organization: Bowen Children’s Centre Society
Project: Children’s garden
Grant Amount: $3,650
Vital Conversations Priority: Youth, Environmental Stewardship

Bowen Children’s Centre Society (BCCS) will receive $3,650 for a collaborative children’s garden. Community volunteers will help to bring expertise and educational information so the children will learn about growing, harvesting, composing, and cooking as well as putting up food (from “seed to plate” and all the steps in between. BCCS will call on seniors who love gardening/composting, etc. and would like to share their passion and expertise to inform young children and work collaboratively on this gardening project. And BCCS will be asking organizations and people on the island working with sustainable gardening projects/ventures to get involved. This project will impact both the children and anyone else involved for years to come – BCC serves over 100 children yearly and the results of this funding will be giving children and adults an opportunity for learning and collaboration.