Bowen Island Community Foundation Grants support projects to help build a healthy, resilient community. Since its inception, the Foundation has made over $1,000,000 in grants, scholarships, bursaries and donor-directed funds to our Bowen community.

Our Granting Policy establishes guidelines and eligibility criteria for the distribution of earned income from the Community Impact Fund, all flow-through and endowed funds, and to support a wide range of charitable activities that will improve the quality of life on Bowen Island. The full Granting Policy can be found here.

The six major areas that we support through grants from the Foundation’s endowment funds are:

  • arts and culture
  • environment and parks
  • health and social well-being
  • education and youth
  • seniors
  • community resilience-building.

Project-based grants in these areas are community self-directed, and should lead to measurable and sustainable impact by:

  • being effective and serving as a model for others
  • addressing root causes
  • meeting identified needs and priorities
  • showing evidence of appropriate and local support
  • providing realistic plans for longer-term funding, if the project will be ongoing

To be considered for a Bowen Island Community Foundation grant (except the Neighbourhood Small Grants), applicants:

  • must be a registered charity
  • must demonstrate fiscal responsibility and effective management
  • should demonstrate inclusiveness and respect for cultural diversity
  • should demonstrate a commitment to the project through a meaningful contribution of their own human and/or financial resources
  • must agree to submit a final report as outlined in the application package

The Foundation does not award grants to individuals (except the Neighbourhood Small Grants) or businesses, unless they have partnered with a charitable organization.

The grants available are:

The funds available for crisis assistance are:

The bursaries and scholarships available each year for individuals are:

See the deadlines and applications for grants here.

See the deadlines and information for bursaries and scholarships here.