Bowen Island from St. Mark's Summit

The projects we fund

In general, the Bowen Island Community Foundation supports sustainable growth and innovation through project-based grants for initiatives that are community self-directed, and that lead to measurable and sustainable impact because they:

  • are likely to be effective and to serve as a model for others
  • address root causes
  • meet identified needs and priorities
  • show evidence of appropriate and local support
  • give realistic plans for longer-term funding, if the project will be ongoing

Corporal Paulo Arreaga

Who we support

Grant recipients

To be considered for a Bowen Island Community Foundation grant, applicants:

  • must be a registered charity
  • must demonstrate fiscal responsibility and effective management
  • should demonstrate inclusiveness and respect for cultural diversity
  • should demonstrate a commitment to the project through a meaningful contribution of their own human and/or financial resources

The Foundation does not award grants to individuals or businesses.

Scholarships and bursaries

There are five bursaries and scholarships available each year. Click on them individually further details, or on the 2014 summary below:

  1. Aaron Sluggett Memorial Scholarship
  2. Bowen Island Golf Association Junior Scholarship
  3. Knick Knack Nook Bursaries for Environmental Sustainability
  4. Maggie Cumming Legacy Fund Scholarship

Download a PDF of the complete list of Bursaries & Scholarships Available in 2014 here.

Our fields of interest

The five major areas that we support through grants from the Foundation’s endowment funds are:

  1. arts and culture
  2. environment and parks
  3. health and social well-being
  4. education and youth
  5. seniors

Application requirements for specific grants–including eligibility, application checklists, and deadlines–can be found in the links to each fund at the right.