Logan Family Healthcare Scholarship

This $2,500.00 award is available for a student pursuing a career in Health Care, or for someone wishing to increase their knowledge or certification in a Health Care related discipline.

All applicants must:

• Be a resident of Bowen Island or have strong ties to Bowen Island.
• Demonstrate aspiration to a career in Health Care or desire for further training.
• Provide proof of acceptance in a relevant course at a recognized Canadian institution.

There is no age limit or minimum for applicants.

All relevant aspects of an applicant’s life will be considered including extracurricular activities, and their unique experience. Wherever possible, preference will be given to an applicant who is deserving of an opportunity in the eyes of the selection committee. NOTE: This is not necessarily the most academically strong applicant.

Please submit a letter taking into the account the criteria noted above. Please attach all relevant documents as one SINGLE .pdf file and send your completed application to: [email protected].

Application Deadline: 11:59pm July 5th