Our Values and Promises

Our Core Values

Worthy of Trust

The Foundation has the important responsibility of being fiscally and socially accountable to the community— and it’s a responsibility we embrace. The community’s trust is essential for our success.


Our community sets our priorities. We create opportunities for meaningful conversations with our community because we know that they are vital to our mission.


We believe everyone deserves to be heard. We know that there is power in both diversity of perspectives and experience.

 Empowering Possibility

We listen to our community’s ideas and make the most impactful ones come to life. We love being able to give Islanders the resources to turn their vision into a reality that benefits everyone for years to come.

Leading with our Hearts

Bowen Islanders give their ideas, time, and money because they are passionate about their causes. In all we do to help, we respect their stories and follow through with compassion.

Our Promises to Our Stakeholders

 To charitable organizations, we promise:

– To help you achieve your mission through sharing our knowledge and resources

– To communicate clearly and transparently

– To maintain confidentially of all information

To donors, we promise:

– To recruit a qualified and diverse board

– To keep operational and fund management overhead low

– To work with world class fund managers to preserve and grow your donation

– To invest in high quality and high impact local projects and report back regularly

 To our community, we promise:

– To invest in projects that create a stronger, healthier, wiser, and more caring community for all

– To seek your input to inform our direction, priorities, and actions

– To work for everyone in our community

To individual grantees, we promise:

– That the granting process will be simple, thoughtful, fair, and helpful

– That we will work with you to refine your idea to one that can be funded – we want your ideas to succeed, whether it is with us or not

– To start from a place of ‘yes’