Scholarship and Bursary Application

$2,500 Bowen Island Community Foundation Trade Scholarship

You’d rather build a house than a spreadsheet. We understand, and that’s why we’ve created the new $2,500 Bowen Island Community Foundation Trade Scholarship. Anyone with a demonstrable connection to Bowen Island, proof of enrolment in a trade or technical school, and a letter of reference describing their ability or inclination to pursue a career in the trades is encouraged to apply.

Contact Henry Campbell ( for information.


$2,500 Bowen Island Community Foundation Academic Scholarship

Any student with a demonstrable connection to Bowen Island, strong grades, and proof of enrolment in a post-secondary institution is encouraged to apply for the $2,500 Bowen Island Community Foundation Academic Scholarship. The applicant with the highest grade point average will be selected. If two competing applicants have identical averages a preference will be given to the student demonstrating a stronger commitment to the community.

Contact Henry Campbell ( for information.


Athletically inclined/disinclined?

Are you breaking ankles with your crossover? Crushing your dance recitals on the regular? Maybe you’re always the last one picked and you have a closet full of ‘Participant’ awards but you love sports all the same. You might want to apply for the Aaron Sluggett Memorial Scholarship.

Aaron Sluggett, a community minded and sports loving 19 year-old Bowen Islander, looked poised to succeed in sciences at Simon Fraser University when his life was tragically cut short. Aaron did not have the chance to complete his studies but it is the hope of his family that the $1,500.00 Aaron Sluggett Memorial Scholarship will help someone else on their journey.

Contact Tracy Rowbotham for information.


Outdoor Enthusiast? Hiker Extraordinaire? Lover of Fine Trails?

Do you know all the secret trails on the island? Can you hike Mt. Gardner in the dark backwards? Are you happiest when you’re lost in the woods? The Maggie Cumming Legacy Bursary might be your speed.

Maggie Cumming, a devout hiker and environmentalist, left more than her footprints on Bowen Island. She generously created a legacy fund to preserve, and expand, Bowen’s trail system. She also directed that a $500.00 award, the Maggie Cumming Legacy Bursary, be granted to a Bowen Island student of good academic standing who shares Maggie’s love of the environment and needs a little financial help. Two recipients of this bursary will be selected in 2017.

Contact Tracy Rowbotham for information.


Environmentally Minded and Studious?

Are carbon emissions your arch nemesis? Feel sick to your stomach thinking about the garbage vortex in the Pacific Ocean? Do you have mother nature’s back at every turn? The Knick Knack Nook Bursary for Environmental Sustainability is probably your cup of kombucha. Award amounts vary based on the student and their relative need, but there is $20,000.00 up for grabs.

Contact Henry Campbell ( for information.


The Bowen Island Community Foundation wishes all applicants the very best of luck. May the force be with you and you be the force for change.