Brian Biddlecombe Memorial Award

The Brian Biddlecombe Memorial Award provides for $3000 to be available to members of the Bowen Island Volunteer Fire Department (and their immediate families) to pursue post-secondary education or vocational training.

Brian Biddlecombe gave 44 years of dedicated service to the Bowen Island Fire Department, 11 years as fire chief. He was a fine leader and mentor. In addition, his company, Cormorant Marine, was an important provider of water taxi and ambulance transport services. Bowen Island has much to be grateful to Brian for. This award in his memory will support his considerable legacy of community service to live on.

All applicants for the award are required:

  • To be residents of Bowen Island or have strong ties to Bowen Island
  • To be a Bowen Island Volunteer Firefighter or an immediate family member of a Bowen Island Volunteer Firefighter
  • To have contributed to the Bowen community in some way

There is no age restriction for the award. Its focus is community involvement and contribution. Academic achievement will be considered but will not be weighted more than community involvement.

If you fulfil the requirements and are interested in the award to pursue some study or vocational training*, please prepare an application that includes a letter confirming the following:

  • That you are a resident of Bowen Island or have other, strong ties
  • That you are a Volunteer Firefighter with the Bowen Island Fire Department or an immediate family member.
  • What your contribution to the Bowen community has been.
  • Your plan for academic study or vocational training and any place that you may have obtained at a Canadian institution.
  • How your study or training will make a difference to you.

* NOTE: the award will be paid to the institution providing the course that you plan to attend when a place is confirmed.

Please attach all documents as one SINGLE .pdf file and send your completed application to: [email protected].

Improperly prepared applications will not be considered.

Application Deadline: 11:59pm July 5th.