Grant Applications

There are three (3) categories of grants available through the Bowen Island Community Foundation. Information and applications can be found below:
For further information on grants, see our Granting Policy here.


– Community Impact Grants –

Deadline: February 15 at 5:00 PM
Email to: [email protected]

The Community Impact Fund sits at the heart of the Foundation. Built by small and large donations, it is designed to have maximum flexibility in order to respond to changing community needs. The Board of Directors, guided by the Vital Conversations Report, decide on community needs and grants appropriately.

Download Community Impact Grant Application Package Here

The Board of the Bowen Island Community Foundation will be dedicating funds from its Community Impact Fund to be distributed as yearly grants for community projects that benefit Bowen Island and its residents. The minimum grant amount to be awarded is $2,500 and the maximum amount is $25,000.

The Foundation Grants Committee will consider applications for Community Impact Grants in two stages:

Stage 1: The 500-word grant applications will be received by the Foundation via email at [email protected] no later than 5:00 PM on February 15.

Confirmation of receipt of submissions will be emailed to the applicant by 5:00 pm on February 16.
If you have not received confirmation of submission by this date/time, please contact the BICF Administrator at [email protected] right away.

After applications are received, the Grants Committee will assess each application for: (1) compliance & eligibility; (2) reasonable chance of success, based on the specific information provided; and (3) likely impact on the community in the short, medium or long term.

Stage 2: During the last week of February, the Committee Chair will advise all applicants whether their proposals have been short-listed for further consideration in Stage 2, or not.

Short-listed applicants will be invited to meet with the Grants Committee to provide details of their project (the budget and whether grant monies might be leveraged in some way; the project structure and personnel; timelines), answer the Committee’s questions, and ask any questions of their own.

Prospective recipients will be invited to interview sometime the first and second week of March (dates to be confirmed). The Committee will try to be as flexible as possible; interviews will take place in the late afternoon and evening.

The Foundation will announce the recipients of Community Impact Grants at its Annual Meeting on May 5th, 2024.


– Knick Knack Nook Small Grants Program –

The Foundation also draws prospective applicants’ attention to the yearly Knick Knack Nook Small Grants Program.

Download Knick Knack Nook Small Grants Program Application Package Here

The criteria for those grants are different from the criteria for the Foundation’s Community Impact Grants. However, the Knick Knack Nook applications are also due on February 15, and will be considered by the Foundation Grants Committee and Knick Knack Nook representatives alongside the yearly Community Impact Grant applications.


– Neighbourhood Small Grants –

Your Bowen Island Community Foundation in partnership with the Bowen Island Municipality gives grants from $50 to $500 to support projects that bring people together, share skills and knowledge, build a sense of belonging and responsibility, and respect and celebrate diversity. Watch this 4 ½ minute video on how the grant program works. 

See Neighbourhood Small Grants information and link to the application here