Historic Level of Community Impact Grants Awarded


Bowen Island, BC, April 6, 2022
Bowen Island Community Foundation

Historic Level of Community Impact Grants Awarded

This year the Bowen Island Community Foundation is pleased to announce that we have increased individual grant amounts from $15,000 to an unprecedented $25,000 per grantee through our Community Impact Fund. We are therefore excited to announce the following 2022 grants:

$25,000 to the Bowen Island Westside Playscape Project (in partnership with the BI Montessori School) to build a new natural playscape destination for the approximately 750 children on Bowen Island and our ever-growing community. The playscape would add to and revitalize the West Side Children’s Park at Arbutus Ridge, a community-led initiative that resulted in the construction of a small natural play area in 2016.

$25,000 to The Hearth (BI Arts Council) to outfit the Community Flex Room in the Community Centre. This approximately 900 square-feet multi-use space is designed to maximize use and accessibility for all members of the community, from toddlers to teens to seniors. This grant goes towards the millwork which includes full-height storage cabinets, cubbies and benches, hooks and other handy features to suit diverse needs.

$5,000 to the Canadian Organization of the Blind and DeafBlind (in partnership with Camp Bowen) for the first stage of public consultation for a facility for Camp Bowen and the Pacific Training Centre. Public consultations will enable the group to better understand local needs and design a facility that not only serves their organization, but the broader community as well.

Our Mission:
Engaging the community and inspiring generosity that will benefit Bowen Island for generations.
Our Vision:
An enriched quality of life for all Bowen Islanders.