First Credit Union Fund

First Credit Union is the oldest community-owned financial institution in British Columbia. Incorporated in 1939, First Credit Union has spent more than 70 years making a difference in the community by contributing to local organizations just like the Bowen Island Community Foundation. Each year First Credit Union contributes thousands of dollars back into the community in the form of donations, sponsorships, scholarships, and dividends.

First Credit Union’s history is the foundation of their philosophy: that everyone deserves an opportunity to achieve financial well-being, that working together, cooperatively, works for the good of all and that giving back to communities is a key rationale for profitable operations. First Credit Union is proud to be a Bowen Island Community Foundation sponsor to help address community needs and enrich the lives of citizens on Bowen Island.

First Credit Union manager Kevin Manning presents the initial fund cheque to Soren Hammerberg, Chair, Bowen Island Community Foundation (September 2017)