Bowen Island Community Foundation Trades & Training Award

You’d rather build a house than a spreadsheet; test a recipe than your academic knowledge. We understand, and that’s why we’ve created the Bowen Island Community Foundation Trades & Training Award. Anyone with a demonstrable connection to Bowen Island, proof of enrolment in either a trade or technical school or a vocational training program, and a letter of reference describing their ability or inclination to pursue a career in the trades or other form of vocation, is encouraged to apply.

There are five $1,000 BICF Trades & Training Awards available, granted on a “first come, first served” basis. Applications for this award are accepted year-round and there is no age restriction for candidates applying for the award. Please note that there is a limit of one award per person per calendar year.

Some examples of studies that would be eligible for this award include:
– Carpentry
– Mechanics
– Plumbing
– Culinary arts
– Cosmetology
– Health care assistant

If you are unsure if your course of study is an appropriate fit for this award please contact us at

To apply for the award, please prepare an application with the following:

-a letter discussing your connection to Bowen Island
-a reference letter from a mentor, employer, instructor or other person who can speak to your interest in pursuing a career in the trades or other vocational path
-proof of enrolment in a Canadian technical school or vocational training program

Please attach all documents as one SINGLE .pdf file and send your completed application to:

Improperly prepared applications will not be considered.
Application Deadline: NONE (applications accepted year-round)


BICF Trade Prize

2018 Taylor Dulong

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