Giving Back to Bowen

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The Bowen Island Community Foundation creates a capacity for the betterment of the Island community by attracting and managing flow through and endowment funds.


To be a trusted, accountable and transparent philanthropic community leader that gives back to our Island community through collaborative engagement.

Guiding Principles

  • To be open, accountable and ethical
  • To partner strategically across a wide mandate
  • To enable and promote charitable giving
  • To respond responsibly and proactively to community needs

The Bowen Island Community Foundation allows you to give back to Bowen

The Bowen Island Community Foundation was established by and for the community in 2002 with the aim of building and managing endowment funds to support the artistic, cultural, educational, recreational and social well-being of residents on Bowen Island. Our endowment funds include the main Bowen Island Community Impact Fund and named funds that support specific community projects (arts, the environment, seniors) and post-secondary study. Our funds grow through donations large and small, and through bequests — $1,200,000 and growing.

The Foundation distributes the interest earned from the endowment funds back to Bowen Island to help build a more vibrant, sustainable community. As each endowment fund grows, so does our ability to give money to important local projects. Since we started making grants in 2004, we have granted back to Bowen Island over $150,000.

In 2015/16 we granted $50,000!

The New Toddler’s Wing of the Bowen Children’s Centre: A Critical Donation

A directed donation of $50,000, given through Bowen’s Community Foundation to the Bowen Children’s Centre, will allow the construction of the planned toddler’s wing to begin in the new year. As many Islanders know from first-hand experience, our community is overflowing with children under the age of five. In fact, on a per capita basis, we lead the province of British Columbia in this category.

This donation is particularly timely as we enter 2017, giving the Board of the Children’s Centre the confidence to plan for construction, with the opening scheduled for September. Ann Silberman, the Executive Director of the Centre, expressed her gratitude for the funding, noting that it will provide a licensed space for children from birth to three years of age.


Bowen Island Community School Expresses Gratitude

We are grateful, in our partnership with Solar Now, for the support we have received from the Bowen Island Community Foundation and the Knick Knack Nook for the completion of the solar arrays on Bowen Island Community School.

Please read our letter here that briefly explains the value of this project for the community of Bowen Island.

Warmest regards,



Scott Slater

Principal, Bowen Island Community School