Vital Conversations 2017

January 20, 2018

2017 VITAL Conversations

2017 Vital Conversations Report

Download a copy of the 2017 Vital Conversations Report, released on January 20, 2018.





July 21, 2017

VITAL Conversations
Hosted on September 9, 2017 by the Bowen Island Community Foundation

It’s time for another conversation!

In 2014, the Bowen Island Community Foundation hosted the first “Vital Conversations”. Sixty enthusiastic Islanders gathered together to provide ideas and insights to create a clearer picture of our local needs, to identify priorities for individual and organizational action, and to guide the Foundation’s work for community granting.

The draw has been made and winners have been notified.

This initial Vital Conversation identified seven priority areas: public dialogue, community gathering place, healthcare services, civic pride, seniors and marginalized people, the environment, and mobility and transportation.

The 2014 Vital Conversations Report was widely shared and whole-heartedly received among Island residents, community groups and the Municipality. To varying degrees, Bowen Islanders quickly stepped up and took action in all of the priority areas. While there is still much to be done, we can be proud of what we have collectively accomplished to date including: the Snug Cove Garden; the installation of solar panels at BICS; the addition of alternative energy education to the school curriculum; improvements to the local bus system and scheduling; and a new commuter parking lot in the Cove, to name but a few.

After three years, it’s now time to come together for another Vital Conversation; time to revisit our Island needs and again identify and discuss what matters most to us. Insights provided by participants will again help shape our civic engagement and the Community Foundation’s future granting decisions, ensuring that these are based on the priorities identified by the community. “Our community is powered by the people who live here. This is a chance to hear from a diverse range of Island residents about what matters to them. With this input, we can help facilitate actions that contribute to the quality of life of our Island home,” says Co-Chair of the Vital Conversations Committee and Community Foundation Board Member Joanne Gassman.

Sixty Bowen Islanders will be invited to the September 9th Vital Conversations to discuss the types of projects and charitable initiatives that will help keep the community strong and make our island community an even better place to live. To ensure the attendees represent diverse ages, experiences, walks of life, and interests, some participants have already been invited. The remaining available seats will be randomly drawn through a community-wide lottery.

If you are interested in attending and adding your voice to the conversation please visit the Community Foundation’s website and click on to enter your name in the lottery by August 18th. The draw will take place on August 19th, and those selected will be notified on August 21st.

“What makes our community a great place to live? How can we make Bowen even better? These are some of the questions we hope to explore on September 9th, and from there, to identify priorities for action and ways to work together to achieve common goals. This is a chance to share ideas on how to enrich our community. We want to hear about the issues that matter to Bowen Islanders”, added Holly Graff, Co-Chair.

The Vital Conversation event will take place on Saturday, September 9th from 9am-12.30pm at Cates Hill Chapel at 661 Carter Road.

Contact either Joanne Gassman, or Holly Graff, 2017 Vital Conversations Committee

Information on our 2014 event can be viewed here.

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  1. Kate Thomas-Peter says:

    This is a great way to inform the work of the Foundation. Would have loved to put my name into the draw but am on vacation. Have a strong interest in ‘community’. As a healthcare manager, am interested in ‘wellness’ and the connection between individual and community.
    Individual wellness is supported by availability and affordability of good food, somewhere to live and work and healthcare when needed.
    Supportive relationships, the opportunity to socialize, play and feed the spirit are the basics of community wellness. So my vote would be for support to all those things. And investment in community leadership training to develop and sustain them. Good luck. Hope the discussion goes well!

  2. Considerations::

    1.Free bus transportation to Park Royal once a week for Seniors who dont drive off island.

    2. Brief automatic wake up, check up calls for those who live alone and wish them.

    3. Free exercise classes for seniors and parents who are willing to rotate child care nearby.
    Cates Hill Chapel has play ground and a clean floor for minimum rent per hour.

    4. Free education classes: history, cooking, music, health

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