Other Donor Directed Grants

In some cases, donors ask to flow their charitable giving through the Foundation rather than contributing to or setting up a permanent endowment fund. This happens for a variety of reasons as varied as the donors. It can simply be a small gift to top up the annual granting of a fund, or a desire to remain anonymous as a donor in the community.

BICF Chair Joyce Ganong tests the new heat sensing camera with members of the BI Volunteer Fire Department

In recent years flow through donations have supported these projects:

  • enhanced computer technology at the Bowen Island Library
  • the unexpected budget shortfall when the BC government decreased lottery funding to the Bowen Children’s Centre
  • construction of a kitchen at Tir-na-nOg Theatre School
  • augmenting the music program at the Bowen Island Youth Centre
  • buying a composter and vegetable garden for the Bowen Children’s Centre
  • buying a heat sensing camera for the Bowen Island Fire Department