Community Engagement

Canadian flag on Bowen Ferry

Understanding what Community Foundations are and what they do

These principles describe the ideals we strive for in all we do and all we say, all for community.

A community foundation is a collection of charitable gifts both large and small. These gifts are pooled and invested and the investment income is distributed as grants to local charitable organizations. The capital is never touched and continues to grow with each new gift, generating income to meet a wide range of community interests and needs for years to come.

Community Foundations are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as tax-exempt “public foundations”. They have a duty to account to the community for the use of these funds.

Bowen Island giving at its sustainable best

The Bowen Island Community Foundation harnesses the gifts of energy, ideas, time, and money from caring Islanders to make meaningful and lasting impacts in our community. We do this by collecting and safely investing donated funds–more than $1,00,000 so far. We then distribute the interest earned back to the community to improve the artistic, cultural, educational, environmental, recreational and social well-being of Bowen Island residents.

Our endowment funds include:

  1. Our discretionary endowment fund, the Community Impact Fund; and
  2. Specific funds supporting the arts, the environment, seniors, and post-secondary students.

Funds grow through both small and large donations and through bequests. As each endowment fund grows, and new funds established, so does our ability to give money to important causes on Bowen Island.

You will find details of the Community Impact Fund, our endowed and flow-through funds, by clicking on the links to the right.

Our founding mission

To enrich the quality of life on Bowen Island, BC, Canada, by:

  • Attracting, developing, and managing permanent endowment funds through responsible stewardship.
  • Assessing and responding to existing, emerging, and changing community needs through grants to eligible organizations.
  • Providing a variety of ways for individuals of diverse interests and financial resources to give back to our Bowen Island community. We encourage long term planning and legacy gifts.