Library and Arts Council Looking for Answers

As we round up a year and look forward to 2015, the Bowen Island Arts Council and Bowen Island Public Library sometimes wish they had a crystal ball. That would be helpful in answering questions regarding our proposed Cove Culture Corner (C3) project.
As you may have heard, BIAC and BIPL are exploring the concept of sharing a building in Snug Cove on property where the current library is situated. Earlier this year, the Library was planning the Annie Laurie Wood Annex, when members of the community approached both organizations to ask them to consider a joint initiative. An enhanced gathering space in Snug Cove, a collaboration that would create a hub of energy and activity, spark economic opportunities and celebrate the artistic and intellectual life of Bowen Island – how cool would that be?
An attractive proposition yes, but is it one that makes sense for each of the organizations and for the entire community? That is the question that BIAC and BIPL are seeking to solve. And they are doing this, not by dreaming of miracles or flashes of insight, but through due diligence and careful analysis.
BIAC is investigating the value, costs and benefits of moving the Gallery into a new space and establishing a secure home in which the arts umbrella nonprofit can continue to deliver its various programs and services. The Library is also assessing its needs and requirements to meet current and future demands of the community it serves. Both are eager to determine whether the cost of a building that accommodates both organizations will be affordable and attainable.
Numerous stakeholders and individuals with professional expertise and knowledge about designing and funding capital projects are assisting them with this work. Also helping to move things forward is the Bowen Island Community Foundation, who recently announced that it will fund the C3 project proposal for a feasibility study and potentially, the development of a capital campaign fundraising strategy. BIAC and BIPL thank the Foundation for this support, enthusiasm and encouragement.
BIAC and BIPL believe that taking one careful step after another will lead to clarity on decision-making, and potentially a case for support that earns the backing of the entire community. We think that’s a good way to embrace a New Year. And we’re looking forward to 2015 being a year of positive action for Bowen Islanders.

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