Letter from Judi Gedye

Dear Editor,

After listening at a “visioning” workshop a few years back, Holly Graff set to work with James Tuer and Wyn Nielsen to come up with the Garden Gateway Project idea. She needed a charity as a sponsor in her appeal for funding to the Bowen Island Community Foundation, and asked Bowen Heritage if we were interested. We liked the idea and joined her list of supporters. She has been to council a few times and worked her way through some new pathways with our bureaucracy, got donations, volunteers and other in-kind contributions such that she has almost doubled the value of the project. Now, this week she has been given a prize by the Association of Landscape Architects of BC for her community spirit and her concept.
Congratulations Holly! A little more icing for your cake, and some sparkles! We have drawings of the Garden Gateway Project on the front page of our website for your interest and pleasure.

Judi Gedye – See more here