Jan LeRoy on Aaron’s Run

Aaron's run winnder

Last year’s Aaron Sluggett Memorial Scholarship winner, Annie McIntosh, awards this year’s winner, Brenna Rosen, with her scholarship. Photo by Dee Elliott

Dear Editor,

The organizers of Aaron’s Run would like to thank Bowen for all the support that made Sunday’s run a success. The proceeds from the event are going toward the Aaron Sluggett Memorial Foundation – a fund under the Bowen Island Community Foundation.

Sunday was a glorious day and everyone arrived safely at the Bowfest field to fill up on the incredible pie, cookies and fresh strawberries. Annie McIntosh, the 2014 scholarship recipient, presented the 2015 scholarship to Brenna Rosen – after just completing the run.

But now it’s time to thank all those people who make this run happen. A big shout out to this years’ sponsors – the Bowen Pub (Glenn), MacDonald Realty (Frazer and Dee), Bowen Island Properties Ltd. (Wolfgang and Daron), First Credit Union (the banking gurus), Leigh Automotive (Chris and Mary), The Orchard Recovery Centre (Lorinda), Ruddy Potato Whole Foods Market (Daniel and Ellen), Evergreen (John), Village Square (David), Union Steamship Co. Marina (Rondy and Dorothy) and Westland Insurance. A big thank you to Rustique Bistro for their “special drink” feature donation and of course we couldn’t do without the generous donations from the following: Peter King (transportation), Savory Island Pie Company (the ultimate pie experience), Phoenix on Bowen (balloon lift off at Aaron’s field), McTaggart Water System (water for the route), Village Baker (coffee at the end of the trail), Orchard Recovery Centre (cookies aplenty), Dave Vance (signs to lead us home), Wiltshire Publishing (publicity), Bowen Biffies (I think you know) and Dee Elliott (taking all of the pics). The pictures have been uploaded to the website so check it out – Needless to say, we wouldn’t get anywhere without our mighty volunteers – Andre and Anne Chollat, Sue Williams, Nancy and Jim Cox, John Reid, Lyn Hartle, Leah Cline, Katie Michener, Sue and Grahame Ritchie, Claire Allen, Mariko Glover, Jane Kellet, Pam Matthews and Jo Quarry (our illustrious sweeps). Special mention to Lisa Biddlecombe for the rockin’ sendoff at the 2K mark, Heather Hodgson who single handedly put on the glorious display of food, The Bowen Island Fire Department for that enthusiastic welcome (even the firetrucks came out to cheer everyone on) and finally to Chris – our new RCMP officer – who jumped into the fray with only one day notice. Our thanks also go to Mary Letson who got the ball rolling and Liz Watson’s great graphic. My apologies if I have forgotten someone. THANK YOU EVERYONE AND WE HOPE TO SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

Jan Le Roy

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