Ferry Vouchers from the Community Foundation

Dear Editor,

Back in May, the day when the summer ferry schedule came in to force, the BCF staff at HSB were still cutting off tickets for foot passengers according to the old schedule (and thus 10 minutes early!) Since I was there when it happened, I emailed Corrine Storey, the then VP of customer service, pointing out that if BCF staff didn’t know the schedule, what hope did we have? This got their attention, because she called me and apologized. She also said that she would send some free vouchers for anyone who was inconvenienced. However, this was all after the fact and there was, clearly, no way of finding out who had been affected.

Twelve single trip vouchers for foot passengers were sent to me as chair of BIMTAC, arriving two weeks later. As they are valid on any route, except the northern routes, they are quite valuable. They expire on 15 November.

After consulting with the members of BIMTAC, I have turned over the vouchers to the Bowen Foundation, for distribution to individuals who are in need.

Speaking for BIMTAC, we are happy that the Foundation is willling to take on this responsibility.

J.Adam Holbrook, P.Eng.

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