Donations & Input Welcomed for Trails Guide

All Bowen Islanders will have received a copy of the Bowen Island Trails Guide in their mailboxes on Thursday of last week. This mail-out, including the cost of the brochures, has been covered by a generous gift from Knick Knack Nook via the Bowen Island Community Foundation to the Rotary Club of Bowen Island.

The Rotary Club, with the able technical support of Rob Wall, produced the Guide, which was published in May and has been available at the Visitors’ Centre in Snug Cove, plus several other outlets.

Any Bowen Islanders who would like further copies of the guide are asked to make a donation via the donation box available at the various outlets: The Visitors’ Centre, Union Steamship Marina, Ruddy Potato and The Snug. These donations go towards our Mount Gardner Trails Project plus future publications of the Trails Guide. You will also find the guide descriptions and maps online at

By the way, if you have any comments or edits that would be helpful for our next edition, please contact Hilary Butler at

The Rotary Club would like to acknowledge our financial sponsors: RW Studio, First Credit Union, Grafton Lake Lands and Print Advantage, and now Knick Knack Nook! We are very grateful to you all.

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