Danielle Dulong Memorial Scholarship

The Danielle Dulong Memorial Scholarship is awarded to Bowen Island students (ages 18-21) who wish to further their training in the arts at a post-secondary level and who best represent Danielle Dulong’s spirit and artistic gift.
Value: $500 each.

Portrait of Danielle Dulong by Mia Watkins, the first recipient of the Danielle Dulong Memorial Scholarship

Honouring Danielle Dulong

The scholarship was created to honour a young Bowen Islander who died tragically in 2007, one month before her 17th birthday. Danielle attended the Bowen Island Preschool, Bowen Island Community School and West Vancouver Secondary School. She was bright and outgoing, with an inspiring talent for art. Even as a young child, her focus for detailed illustrations was an inspiration to her classmates and teachers.

2012  Jasper Wrinch and Roos Schut
2011  Sam Beck, Candice Tisdale, Geoffrey Lewicki
2010  Laura Jacobsen, Gemma Rose, Franny Varty
2009  Mia Watkins, Austin Wrinch