Bowen Island Municipality hosts “Howe Sound Forum”

Howe Sound Community Map

Ruth Simons, Executive Director of the Future of Howe Sound Society, prepared the Spring Howe Sound Planning Update for the purpose of informing the Howe Sound community foundations.

A year ago, and as an outcome of the Environmental Forum held at Capilano University, the idea of the “Howe Sound Neighbourhood” resonated as a providing a vision around which our community foundations could potentially coalesce and coordinate.

When we began to explore this idea last year, only Trish Panz had direct knowledge of the Howe Sound Forum because she represented the District of West Van.

Now a line of direct communication is in place to the person who fills the role of secretariat to the Howe Sound Forum. Ruth Simon told me that she has not previously been approached by community foundations. Bowen Island Municipality is the host for the May 1st meeting of the Howe Sound Forum. Hence, this is top-of-mind for the Bowen Island Community Foundation as we start to think through what might collaboration look like.

Above is an image that Ruth used in her January 2015 presentation to Bowen Council.  This resonated with me because it tells a story.

Kim Stephens, Director

Bowen Island Community Foundation