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A heartfelt thank you!

Nicolette & Ann SilbermanBowen Island Undercurrent

June 19, 2014

Nicolette McIntosh of Endswell Farm and Bowen Children’s Centre (BCC) have had a long standing association of many, many years. For a decade the Preschool held their graduation at Endswell where after visiting the animals in the barn, Pat Buchanan hitched up a hay wagon and drove us all to the house where Buck and Nicolette hosted the graduates and teachers to hot dogs and ice cream.

Three of Nicolette’s grandchildren graduated from BCC and her daughter Fiona was the Executive Director for many years.

One of my favourite memories of Nicolette was when she was invited by her granddaughter, Georgia, to attend special person’s night at the Preschool (then located at Collins Hall.) Dressed to the nines,  I found her by the easel,  leaning over three year old Georgia’s shoulder as she painted and commenting in a favourable fashion on Georgia’s choice of colours. To hear Nicolette, a renowned painter, so encourage her grandaughter, touched me deeply.

Georgia is now in her final year at UBC and a fabulous actor.

The Board of the Bowen Children’s Centre would like to express their thanks, yet again, to Nicolette McIntosh for her tireless efforts and generosity on BCC’s behalf. The paintings and sculpture chosen for Art at Endswell were incredible – watch out David, I covet your dragon!

We also wish to thank the Bowen Island Community Foundation and especially Julia McCaig whose leadership and organizational skills kept us honest, Dee Elliott of Macdoanld Realty who did everything asked of her and more, The Office, Brian Park of The General Store, the BCC Fundraising team and last but not least, the superb David Cameron who was the auctioneer of the century!

AND to all of you who came, ate, bought and enjoyed.

The BCC Nicolette McIntosh Scholarship for professional development in the arts will be created in your name, Nicolette. Thank you.

Anne Silberman and the BCC Board

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Sunday, June 8, 2014 – 1pm – 3pm

Endswell Farm – 1521 Mt Gardner Road, Bowen Island

Nicolette-2The Bowen Island Community Foundation is pleased to support the second Art at Endswell auction and sale.

Trained as a painter in London, Nicolette (Cross) McIntosh now lives on Endswell Farm, a 150-acre property overlooking Hutt Island. An extensive wooded driveway, with meadows and a duck pond tucked into the trees on either side, leads to her home, ending with a stunning view over the bay.

Farm life has been a constant inspiration for her paintings, and her work shows her detailed observation of, and affection for her surroundings. Until recently Endswell was an egg farm, so there are several paintings of eggs and feathers, as well as delightful pictures of sows with piglets.

McIntosh’s paintings, mostly in watercolour, include both landscape and still life. She has found the subjects for her landscapes as far away as New Zealand, and as close as the view from her window at the farm.

Original article here: Art at Endswell

Art Auction

A selection of Nicolette’s paintings will be on show on Sunday, June 8 from 1 – 3 p.m. There will be an online auction prior to this event on the Bowen Island Children’s Centre Facebook page where bids will be accepted up to 6 pm, June 7th. The auction will continue at the event on Sunday with David Cameron as auctioneer. This event is sponsored by the Bowen Island Community Foundation, Bowen Children’s Centre, Dee Elliott – MacDonald Realty, the Office @ Artisan Square and the Bowen Island Arts Council.

Take Mount Gardner Road and follow the signs. Due to limited parking, transport from Mt Gardner Road to the house will be provided. There will be snacks and drinks available to enjoy while you peruse the beautiful artwork.

Bowen Island Undercurrent
June 23, 2011 – By Sarah Haxby

Nicolette Cross Nest PaintingThe Art at Endswell exhibition of original works, ceramics and prints by Nicolette McIntosh on June 18, 2011,  was a memorable event, as well as a privilege to attend. It has been many years since I was last at the Endswell farmhouse, looking at the old wisteria vine blooming on the trellis, looking out to the sea past the mature apple trees. The walk down the forested unpaved driveway was like stepping into the Bowen of my childhood: the dappled light making its way through mature conifers, walking past the pond with the swan; glimpsing rhododendrons nestled throughout the landscape… it was like going to visit an old friend.

The house is an island treasure: a true home with unspoiled heritage charm, a natural style and a sense of character. The character at the heart of the landscape, the home and the artwork is known as ‘Mrs. Mac.’

Nicolette McIntoshThe exhibition of artwork had something for everyone and art patrons of all ages were delighted. Nicolette’s collection of exquisite watercolours perfectly executed in a thoughtful pallet favouring greys, whites, and subtle earth tones are unforgettable. Her ceramics, including bowls and various animals including young, and the young-at-heart friendly turtles, skunks and sea lions are charming and whimsical. The high quality prints of the watercolours and cards allowed for all to be able to afford and to add a Mrs. Mac to their art collection. (I went home with a bowl of charming raku sea lions, a watercolour print of Endswell farm, and some cards, so I can share the artwork with friends around the world.)

Nicolette auctioned off a number of artworks, in aid of the Bowen Island Community Foundation Endowment fund, as an example of how one person’s vision and generosity can make a difference. Bringing the idea of the charitable exhibition of Art at Endswell to fruition was a labour of love for many, with many members of the community assisting with the event. Dee Elliott organized many of the volunteers who then all helped to display the artwork, open up the house to guests, serve food, and refreshments, put up the beautiful posters, run the auction, and help with the many details that go into creating such an elegant, sophisticated and charming event.

Thank you to Nicolette McIntosh and to all who helped to create this generous, beautiful event that will be recorded as a cultural gem.

Original article here: All’s Well at Endswell.

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Andrea Verway mentions Endswell Farm in The New Demographic.

“Ethel Wilson, The Innocent Traveller (1947) and The Swamp Angel (1954) – The first book is Wilson’s autobiographical novel about growing up in Victorian Vancouver, with summer holidays on Bowen Island, and a terrific social record as well as a good read. The second book is, in my humble opinion (and that of many others much more qualified), Wilson’s best book. She wrote parts of it at her summer home on Bowen Island, Little Rock (now Endswell Farm). Wilson was well acquainted with many of Lieben’ guests, especially through the Vancouver-based Authors Anonymous group. My guess is that she must have been a day visitor to Lieben from her Bowen Island perch.”