AGORA Forum Contemplates Community


On January 15th, an interesting group of people came to The Gallery for a discussion of Community as a philosophical concept, applied to Bowen Island.

Gustaaf Tasseron lead the exploration of questions: What is Community? Answer: Living, working and caring together, because we are neighbours and therefore connected to one another in small communities within a lager Community. Trust.
What threatens it? Answer: Disconnectedness, disinterest, thus ignorance and misunderstanding, disrespect for differing opinions, divisiveness, ill will, abuse of trust and established values for personal gain at the expense of others, exploitation, personal attacks.

How can we build Community on Bowen Island? Answer: Participation in dialogue without prejudice, respecting different points of view, expressing opposition in a civilized manner, always seeking to learn, trying to find common ground to move forward, to thank those, who step forward to serve in elected office for their courage to expose themselves to public criticism , right or wrong, to foster an attitude of conciliation.

What does it take? Answer: For everyone interested in building Community to participate, be open-minded and trusting, but to be vigilant, offering skills as a volunteer and giving precious time, drawing in the entire family to teach the next generation and to share wealth.

On behalf of the Bowen Island Community School Association (CSA) I want to thank everyone, who contributed to the AGORA dialogue and Gustaaf Tasseron for his vision toward the constitutional goal of “Happiness” for Bowen Island’s Community.
The next AGORA will be held on Thursday, February 26th, 7 – 8:30 p.m. at The Gallery in Artisan Square Topic: Education.

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