2014 Festival of Trees

Dear Editor,

Bowen Island Family Place would like to thank the community sponsors who helped make the 2014 Festival of Trees possible: Bowen Building Centre; Bowen Children’s Centre; Bowen Freight; Bowen Island Community Foundation; Bowen Island Community Recreation; Bowen Island Dog Ranch; Bowen Island Montessori School; Bowen Island Yacht Club; Bowen Waste Service; Caring Circle Health Resource Centre; First Credit Union; Friends of the Food Bank; Knick Knack Nook; Leigh Automotive; MetroBlasting; Movement Global Design; Orchard Recovery Center; The Snug Cafe and Union Steamship Company.

We would also like to thank the following individuals for their time, effort and support in helping to make the Festival of Trees a success: Wendy Alexander; Andrea Bastin; Andy Behm; Stu Bristowe; Tammy Brockmeyer; Rondy Dike; Deidre Farah; Carlos Henriques; Eva Kepesova; Basia Lieske; Dan McBurney; Peter Moir; Price Montague; Susannah Montague; Fairon Moore; Courtney Morris; Colleen O’Neil; John Parker; Tom Surtees; Jared Thoburn; Inga Toews; Kevin Toews; Julia Tweton; Kerry Watts; Sarah Winny and Katherine Wolters. A special thanks as well to the Santa Claus of Bowen Bay.

Your support will allow Family Place to continue to provide a quality environment for young children and parents/caregivers on Bowen Island, and is deeply appreciated.

Caroline Parker
Family Place Festival of Trees Volunteer

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